What Will Mergers and Acquisitions Look Like in a Post-COVID World?

You may be surprised to learn that CFOs are continuing their international expansions as planned before the pandemic. In fact, we’re in the midst of an international boom in mergers and acquisitions. After global M&A activity completely stopped this year, bankers gradually adopted digital solutions to traditionally in-person problems and are ending the year by playing catch-up and actively hunting for M&A options. There’s plenty of opportunity here, as distressed businesses and assets are available at heavily discounted prices. So what do M&As look like under pandemic conditions?

These should be led by the strategic leadership of CFOs, who have been able to maintain a majority of their productivity while working remotely. 2020 has placed a spotlight on the corporate scenario modeling and planning CFOs excel in. Their insights on company decisions on cost, working capital, liquidity, risk, and capital structure are exactly what’s needed in an unpredictable and unprecedented time.

The best way to mitigate the volatility created by the pandemic is the implementation of the proper technology. “You don’t just digitize or modernize for the sake of doing it,” 6Sense Chief Financial Officer Rob Goldenberg said. “There need to be specific outcomes from that process that you’re targeting.” Take a look at which processes require the most in-person collaboration and find technology providers that can assist in automating or digitizing these tasks. Even once

we live in a post-pandemic world, you’ll be happy to have adopted these modernizations. Also be sure that if you are using multiple platforms that contain financial information, nothing is conflicting and everything is up to date. This can be tricky, and it’s best to let your CFO choose which tech can serve as the final authority on this information.

Also, consider outsourcing as much as possible. Engaging in a global EOR to support international expansion will yield a better result than your company going at it alone. These have allowed companies to mitigate pandemic conditions by swapping layoffs for temporary pay cuts and mitigate travel restrictions for hiring remotely without establishing an entity in the new city – a major relief for many, and welcome protectors of morale. Forty-one percent of financial professionals surveyed said their work was performed by a shared services organization, and 48% said they used business process outsourcing or hybrid models. As a CFO, your understanding of overseas expansion should directly inform enterprise decisions.

There’s no reason to stop capturing market shares, expand sales, or diversify investments as long as your CFO can be counted on to help guide your organization through the storm. They are well-positioned to provide enterprise value though providing insights in a market that is more ambiguous than it’s ever been. There are lots of creative solutions out there that enable M&As to not only continue, but to grow performance going forward.

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Tweet: 2020 has placed a spotlight on the corporate scenario modeling and planning CFOs excel in. Their strategic #leadership is exactly what’s needed in order to continue mergers and acquisitions in the pandemic age.

Tweet: Would you be surprised to learn that we’re currently enjoying a boom in international mergers and acquisitions? Many financial experts are currently playing catch-up after a slow year and feel confident doing so thanks to new tech, outsourcing options, and the strategic
#leadership of their #CFOs.

LinkedIn: Believe it or not, now is not the time to slow down on capturing market shares, expanding sales, or diversifying investments. In fact, there are tons of amazing deals to be made right now, as assets and companies are discounted after a rough year. You may think this sounds risky, but you most likely have the well of resources necessary to continue planning and executing mergers and acquisitions: Your CFO.

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