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Benefits to Funded Startups

Startup and SMBs are constantly struggling to achieve their goals in less time with minimal resources. For Startups and SMBs, it becomes critical to outsource their secondary work (such as HR, accounting and bookkeeping), which enables them to focus on their core business. Hiring an expert and professional becomes way more expensive; however, outsourcing is always a cost-effective solution. Other benefits of outsourcing are that expert and professional manpower, reduced your cost, gain the advantage of 24*7 services, can focus on your core business, no legal HR hassle, data is always secure, and easy management of accounts via software-based automated operations.

Let’s try to understand how outsourcing can benefit your organization –

    1. Let Expert and Professional Manpower Manage Your Work
      Get services of highly skilled and experienced finance, accounting and bookkeeping experts having both domain and technical knowledge, with a well-defined automated process using the latest cutting edge technology serving clients across the globe for many years.
    2. Reduced Your Cost up to 50%
      Hiring onsite workforce becomes an expensive and time-consuming option. Outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping may cut down your cost up to 50% as there are no establishment expenses such as no work-space cost, no infrastructure cost, and zero hiring cost. Moreover, labor and establishment cost difference at offshore is 40 to 50% less expensive.
    3. Advantage of 24*7 Service
      Global operations spread across different time zones ensure 24 x 7 availability of workforce and help-desk.
    4. Focus on Your Core Business
      Startup companies usually struggle to achieve more in less time. So, outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping work is always a wiser choice as you can save your time and completely focus on your core business activities, which is critical for Startup and SMBs.
    5. No Legal HR Hassles
      When you outsource, staff can be quickly augmented or scaled-down as per the requirement of your business. This leads to no attrition risk and zero employee liability – a win-win situation for you.
    6. Your Data is Always Secure
      Most of the outsourcing companies use the World’s top hosting companies like Azure (Microsoft Hosting Platform) and AWS (Amazon Web Services) which are the most secure and safe hosting platforms as on date. Further with internal security at the application level, the data is completely secure with foolproof execution methodology.
    7. Manage your Accounts via Software-Based Automated Operations
      Most of the outsourcing companies use software-based automated operations controlled by defined workflows tied up with SLAs (Service Level Agreement). This facilitates scheduled reports, reminders and a conducive collaborative work environment, document management system, which will improve operational efficiency, quality, and consistency.

Service Methodology / Process

Our process mythology ensures that all Accounts BPO entries are done accurately and quickly. This process is automated using software ACT, which also creates a collaborative environment between client and our team. At any given point of time, client and have 360 degree view of the process, including the documents and issues.


We have following two pricing models for accounts and bookkeeping services –




Price for 1 minute



/ Month

Angle funded startup


Custom Pricing

Plan Comparison



Chart of accounts

Bookkeeper and Account Manager

Accrual based bookkeeping

P&L and Balance Sheet

Payroll and Balance Sheet 


Reimbursement and bill/invoice 

HR services and tax compliance

Advanced revenue recognition bookkeeping

Billable Expenses

Custom Reporting

Multiple entity support

Comprehensive AR/AP tracking and reporting

Inventory tracking

Supporting schedules

Support for classes, departments and location

Controller or Interim CFO / CPA

State and local tax compliance

Complex revenue recognition



per month

Per month is based upon the expenses



In 1 State, US$ currency



< 10 / Month















per month

Per month as per submitted proposal



Multiple, International



No Limit














For BASIC package, price per month is based upon the expenses, as depicted below –

Expense range 

Up to 30000 $

> 30000 $ to < 50000 $ 

> 50000 $ to < 80000 $

> 80000 $ to < 120000 $

> 120000 $ to < 160000 $

> 160000 $ to < 200000 $

> 200000 $



per month







Check COMPLEX plan

Our Clients


How secure is my data?

We are working to you General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & ISO 9001:2015. Strategic Block hosted it’s solution AWS and AZURE, which are the most secure platform as on date. Our experts access the data using VPN. Data is encrypted and regular backup is also taken which is stored in disaster recovery site. Also before we start accepting the work, we do sign Non-Disclosure Agreement with the client.

Where is your office location?

We are located in California, USA. In order to provide 24×7 facilities, we have an offices India too.

Why is GAAP important for accounting?

GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) is a set of rules that encompass the details, complexities, and legalities of business. GAAP compliance accounting, which reduces the risk of noncompliance and is one of the most critical best practice.

How does pricing work?

We offer very competitive pricing for your Accounting and Bookkeeping job work by entering into Non-Disclosure Agreement for 3 to 6 months respectively. There are no hourly charges.

What services do you offer?

Apart from accounts and bookkeeping, we provide VC, M&A, Interim CFO and HR / Payroll Management services.

What is the process and execution methodology?

Our process is hybrid i.e. mix of automation and manual. Client can have a 360-degree view of the process & the status of the bookkeeping at any given point of time.

How do I make payments?

You can make payments through PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Do you sign NDA?

We do have standard non-disclosure agreement, which is common for all clients.

What are your working hours?

Strategic Block is located in California, which is in PST (Pacific Standard Time) zone. Our operations are 24×7.

Accounts & Bookkeeping Process

Our process methodology ensures that all Accounts BPO entries are done accurately and quickly. This process is automated using software ACT, which also creates a collaborative environment between client and our team. At any given point of time, client and have 360 degree view of the process, including the documents and issues.

  • Step 1

    Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

    After signing the NDA with the client, client profile is created in ACT software. Most of the account heads defined in the account bookkeeping software, are mapped in ACT for automatic transactions posting.

  • Step 2

    Web Portal Credentials

    Create and issue ACT credentials to the client.

  • Step 3

    Monthly Input Document

    Bank statements and other input documents are received in the mails, Dropbox or Google Drive etc. After receipt of documents are encrypted and stored in a secure server.

  • Step 4

    Automatic Posting

    Using AI technology, ACT reads the date from Web APIs, PDF and CSV files and create a transaction log, which gets pushed in designated account bookkeeping software.

  • Step 5

    Manual Verification

    All the transaction are cross-checked manually and verified by the Accounts Executive and Quality Control Manager.

  • Step 6


    Accounts Executive does the reconciliation, which is followed by a Quality Control by the Manager.

  • Step 7

    Upload Final File

    If processing is offline then QuickBooks etc. files are uploaded on ACT and the designated drive.

  • Step 8

    Final Quality Control

    Accounts Executive generated the required reports which are verified by the CPA.

  • Step 9


    Generate and publish the scheduled reports and submit it to client.

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