IT Services : Data Analytics, Datawarehouse and Data Visualization

Data Management

Data is becoming a multibillion-dollar industry. It should be placed in proper locations and can be easily accessed using the latest software applications. Efficient management gives organizations a competitive edge and it can turn data management strategies into action.

What benefits do organizations enjoy with streamlined data?

  • Increase reliability and accuracy of volumes of data
  • Move from descriptive to predictive analytics
  • Consolidate all sources of data
  • Save time, money and other resources
  • Build better workflow processes
  • Improve data that brings value

We help you by providing its professional data management services so you can achieve your most desired results. Get in touch to learn more about how our data management services deliver quick time-to-value by speeding up deployment, improve productivity and reducing operational costs.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence systems regulate the flow of data and empower organizations to gain a competitive edge in the present while enabling them to build a future-proof and future-ready digital business.

Business Intelligence service enables organizations to effectively aggregate, integrate, and validate data and uncover relevant insights in real time. We help our clients transform data into intelligent insights with predictive modelling by using data mining, text mining, and forecasting. Our business intelligence systems enable organizations to Implement the right business intelligence tools, minimize business risk, achieve sales excellence, and accelerate profitability. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Reports
  • Alerts
  • Dashboards
  • Metrics & Scorecards
  • Collaborative BI
  • Mobile BI
  • Budgeting, Planning
  • BI Platform Rationalization
  • Report Migrations

Data Visualisation

Enabling Data Visualization Services, Solutions and Techniques which help in displaying the data meaningfully while emphasizing on the clarity, coherence, and pictorial representation of the data. We understand the objectives of Data Visualization and help our clients for Building Interactive Applications and Dashboard Designs. Data storytelling goes hand in hand with visual communication and the visual representation of data. When clients need to communicate complex data clearly and intuitively to a targeted audience, we design sleek statistical graphs, charts, information graphics, and more

We demystify data-driven decision making by transforming the way you present data. Let us support you with:

  • Data Discovery
  • Data in Motion
  • Dynamic Data
  • Visual Querying
  • Multi-Dimensional
  • Interactive, Intuitive & Self Learning
  • Benchmarking-as-a-Service
  • Strategy Roadmap

Data Science

Data is the currency of the digital world. Consumerization of IT has resulted in explosion of data being generated. Companies are struggling with diversity and richness of data being generated as their customers consume their products and services digitally. Turning this organization wide data into actionable insights and leveraging them to develop new products and services for enhanced customer experience is key for future growth of companies across sectors.

We approach your corporate data as the raw material from which we generate a structured picture of your business to clearly see its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Using big data analytics and visualization reduces your time to market for any product or service. We combine traditional methods like ETL and BI with breakthrough technologies in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to make your business truly data-driven.

Our Approach to Machine Learning and Data Science Projects

Studying the problem

As with any project, we start by studying your product needs or business challenges, documenting requirements and your vision of a solution to connect data and value.

Exploratory data analysis

Then, as any data science endeavour suggests, we review your current data infrastructure and explore datasets to find anomalies, missing values, dependencies, and patterns.

Data preparation

Before modelling, we prepare data by cleansing it and transforming into a unified format.

Data modelling and evaluation

Our data scientists train numerous models to define which one of them provides the most accurate results. Then we choose the best model in terms of accuracy of results, simplicity, and performance

Designing the solution

Be it a BI product, a machine learning algorithm, or a data management solution, we engineer, integrate, and test your product, as you start adjusting to your new innovative capabilities.

Support and maintenance

We maintain your growth by helping you release new features, introduce more tools and data sources, and integrate the product further in the workflow. We seek long-term client/vendor relationships where common progress supports our mutual development

Our Clients


How secure is my data?

We are working to you General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & ISO 9001:2015. Strategic Block hosted it’s solution AWS and AZURE, which are the most secure platform as on date. Our experts access the data using VPN. Data is encrypted and regular backup is also taken which is stored in disaster recovery site. Also before we start accepting the work, we do sign Non-Disclosure Agreement with the client.

Where is your office location?

We are located in California, USA. In order to provide 24×7 facilities, we have an offices India too.

Why is GAAP important for accounting?

GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) is a set of rules that encompass the details, complexities, and legalities of business. GAAP compliance accounting, which reduces the risk of noncompliance and is one of the most critical best practice.

How does pricing work?

We offer very competitive pricing for your Accounting and Bookkeeping job work by entering into Non-Disclosure Agreement for 3 to 6 months respectively. There are no hourly charges.

What services do you offer?

Apart from accounts and bookkeeping, we provide VC, M&A, Interim CFO and HR / Payroll Management services.

What is the process and execution methodology?

Our process is hybrid i.e. mix of automation and manual. Client can have a 360-degree view of the process & the status of the bookkeeping at any given point of time.

How do I make payments?

You can make payments through PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Do you sign NDA?

We do have standard non-disclosure agreement, which is common for all clients.

What are your working hours?

Strategic Block is located in California, which is in PST (Pacific Standard Time) zone. Our operations are 24×7.

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