Service Process

Our process methodology ensures that all Accounts BPO entries are done accurately and quickly. This process is automated using software ACT, which also creates a collaborative environment between client and our team. At any given point of time, client and have 360 degree view of the process, including the documents and issues.

  • Step 1

    Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

    After signing the NDA with the client, client profile is created in ACT software. Most of the account heads defined in the account bookkeeping software, are mapped in ACT for automatic transactions posting.

  • Step 2

    Web Portal Credentials

    Create and issue ACT credentials to the client.

  • Step 3

    Monthly Input Document

    Bank statements and other input documents are received in the mails, Dropbox or Google Drive etc. After receipt of documents are encrypted and stored in a secure server.

  • Step 4

    Automatic Posting

    Using AI technology, ACT reads the date from Web APIs, PDF and CSV files and create a transaction log, which gets pushed in designated account bookkeeping software.

  • Step 5

    Manual Verification

    All the transaction are cross-checked manually and verified by the Accounts Executive and Quality Control Manager.

  • Step 6


    Accounts Executive does the reconciliation, which is followed by a Quality Control by the Manager.

  • Step 7

    Upload Final File

    If processing is offline then QuickBooks etc. files are uploaded on ACT and the designated drive.

  • Step 8

    Final Quality Control

    Accounts Executive generated the required reports which are verified by the CPA.

  • Step 9


    Generate and publish the scheduled reports and submit it to client.